Nobody Gives a Shit

A man finds out his wife cheats on him. His world is crushed. What he thought was up is down. Black is white. The universe just pulled the rug out from under him and he's still wondering what  in the hell just happened. Where does he go from here?

He's more than likely one of those sensitive nice guy types, so he fully expects the rest of the world to take a moment, pause, and fully appreciate what a depraved slut wagon his wife is and how awesome he is.

Newsflash, dipshit: NOBODY CARES.

Your mutual friends will still like her. They will still like you. Sure, they will talk about her around the water cooler at the office and snicker at the stories... but they give about as much thought to your predicament as that ingrown toenail they have. Actually.. the toenail gets A LOT more thought and attention. They feel that sucker all day long. You're not a thought until they happen to see you at the supermarket alone buying yogurt for the kids.  They will smile, ask how you're doing, and then move on to wondering if apples are on sale again.


Have you ever had a loved one die? You have that sinking, depressed gut feeling of loss. It's awful. You feel like you're in a daze. You go out to the mall to get a nice suit for the funeral... and why the fuck is everyone laughing? Why is that saleslady so happy? Don't they realize what horrible thing is going on in your world?

No. They don't. THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

It's not all about you.

The idea of the world going on and doing it's own thing should be a freeing concept. You're now free to reinvent yourself. To make mistakes. To fall down and get back up. You have been given a gift that a rare few ever get to appreciate. You get to start over. On top of that, nobody is watching you... because nobody gives a shit.

When you realize you have complete control over how you behave and conduct yourself going forward, the less you care for what the world thinks about you and your situation. Even if the whole world collectively gets together and shames your ex for being so awful... you still have a cheater ex-wife and you still have to pick up the pieces and move on.

Don't be one of those people that sits back and constantly says "She'll get it in the end. Karma will bite her in the butt." No it won't. Stop waiting on some cosmic force to right things and provide you with a sense of balance. She may very well end up marrying some rich dummy who buys her a Ferrari and takes her on vacation every other week. She may also go broke and be single for the rest of her life with 19 cats and bad case of diabetes. Either way... who gives a shit? It has no bearing on your life. You're wasting precious minutes of your life thinking about it.

Nobody gives a shit, dude. So why do you?

Do you want to be the guy that people shy away from? Do you want to lose friends and eliminate good women from your dating pool? Then be pathetic. Be sad. Be weak. Always talk about your ex and your situation. You will very quickly learn that the world has next to NO patience for a weak man... especially a weak man who can suddenly get over his predicament as fast as he can say "Alright, enough of this horse shit." Your constant negativity will be a drain and a major turnoff. Keep it to yourself. Tell one buddy and your therapist. That's it. As far as the rest of the world is concerned: You're a man. Get over it.

"But but but... EVERYONE fucking seems to care about HER, and SHE cheated! She's the bad guy and SHE gets all the attention, praise and pity!"

Newsflash, fucko... life ain't fair. When it comes to issues of emotion like this, men get the shaft. Every time. We're expected to get over it and move on and keep being the provider and protector of those around us.

Real world example: My ex ain't doing too well right now, financially. She was left in pretty good financial standing when we divorced, but she made some piss poor decisions and is paying the cost. Job demotion. Wrecked her perfectly good paid-for car... 3 times (totaled it on the last one). Lots of personal debt. A quick few social media postings and she has a used car dirt cheap, some used furniture from friends, a cheap home to rent, and enough "you're the bomb!" replies to fill her validation coffers until the next day.

I don't care. Good for her. That's how it goes. Damsel in distress syndrome. Even MY OWN MOM feels sorry for her and wonders if she should pay off her school debt as an interest free loan to her.

Yes, it sucks.. but that is life.  Worry about yourself and your situation. Forget about petty things like what other think and feel about your situation. You know what's right and wrong. Keep the moral high ground.

Become a better YOU, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place.