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Sometimes you need a little extra kick in the butt to get going in the right direction. Sometimes you just need a mentor to check in with and make some minor adjustments to your game plan. Sometimes you need to vent and let it out. Sometimes you just want to listen to somebody who has been there and done that and has the scars to prove it.

We’ve all been there.

Packages are sold in 1, 3 and 5 session increments (each one hour).

We now have 3 coaches available, each with their own strengths and experiences. You may book and schedule your first coaching session below or click through to read the full biography of each coach.

We are always just a message away if you need us! A form is provided below if you would like to ask any questions before booking your sessions.

Your Coaches
Hello, I am DSO. I am the founder of this website,, and author of the books, “The Dead Bedroom Fix”, “NOW WHAT?”, and “Red Flags”. I’ve been coaching and counseling men for almost five years now on a range of different topics
Jack London

Ever wonder what you are here for?  What your path and purpose is in this life? I live by one phrase: full tilt, full time.  I’m not here to idlily sit by and let life happen.  I know exactly what I want out of situations and put the requisite amount of effort in to get exactly what I want.  I will help you do the exact same thing. 

T. H. Stephen

Hi there, I’m T. H. Stephen.  I am  married and a father of 5 children. I have been through one divorce and currently working on a marriage that may lead to another. Over the course of twenty years, I have been in and out of the courtroom fighting for custody of my children.

Client Reviews:

"DSO Coaching Session was very helpful and I highly recommend talking to him to help with some of the ways you can move forward after divorce, including things like how to be the man and person you can be to have a better future for yourself. Thank you DSO!" - Jason

"I highly recommend DSO coaching for anybody in a dead bedroom or troubled marriage. I've been in therapy for 14 years, and I got more out of one session than all of my other therapy sessions combined. It's nice to talk to somebody how has been there and done that."  - Michael

"Talking to you was the missing piece I needed to get on with my life. Thanks for all that you do. There are so many men out there in my shoes and I'm glad you have the tools to help them out." - Stephen

"DSO did not tell me what I wanted to hear. I knew I should listen because everything in his book was spot on. I should have listened and saved myself more grief. He knows his stuff. He was right about my wife and situation. It helped having an outside perspective while going through my divorce. I will be booking more sessions soon. " - Joe

"After reading (and re-reading, and re-reading) The Dead Bedroom Fix which is an absolute life changer, I decided to have some coaching sessions with DSO to help me decide if my long-term dead marriage and bedroom was salvageable or even worth salvaging.  DSO is the right balance of understanding, comradery, & empathy, with a healthy dose of "C'mon, man, what the hell are you thinking?!"  DSO will tell you the truth, not just what you want or hope to hear. And the truth is what we all need to move forward into a more positive future, either with our happier wives, or into divorce to find happier relationships elsewhere."  -Keith

"I signed up for life coaching with the DSO himself a few weeks back and so far the experience has been invaluable.  First of all, I could not believe my luck when i saw he was offering one-on-one coaching sessions...I mean, with how busy he is, and being the author of this incredible book, and having a full time career and family of his own, i don't really know how he makes the time.  I would have expected to pay more like 1K per hour for someone of his calibre to give me his undivided attention.  His guidance, and incredible listening skills help him feedback to you the very insights that you need to hear, even though they may be hard on your ego. He has a no-BS style that makes you look the hard truths in the face and tackle the issues head on.  The few sessions we had have already helped me make a positive impact on strengthening my relationships (wife, and friends) and generally to be a stronger version of myself.  Having DSO coach you directly will pay invest in your life and sign up for a session or a few today, you wont regret it and will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  Thanks DSO for dedicating yourself to helping other men, you are one awesome dude!"  - F

Listen to Actual Coaching Sessions Below (recorded and posted with the client's permission):
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