“Now What? A Guide for Men Starting Over in Life After Infidelity, Breakup and Divorce”

Why did this happen to YOU?

What can you do to fix it?

What can you do to make sure it never happens again?

How do you get over her and start over again?

How do you even start to rebuild?

Hello, I’m the Dad Starting Over.

I’m  a divorced father of three kids who had his life turned upside-down when his wife had an affair and filed for divorce.

Over the past several years I have reprogrammed myself to become an overall happier and more successful dude. I’ve helped dozens of men do the same. Please feel free to read through my site and learn more about my philosophies and advice about relationships and this game we call “being a man in this crazy world”.


Interview with Dr. Robert Glover

Interview with Dr. Robert Glover

I had the privilege of sitting with Dr. Robert Glover, famed author of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and most recently "Dating Essentials for Men. The Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need" which is now available as a Kindle download on Amazon. We chatted for an hour about...

Dear DSO: “I feel like I need a wife.”

Dear DSO: “I feel like I need a wife.”

Dear DSO: I read your book (Now What? A Guide for Men Starting Over in Life After Infidelity, Breakup and Divorce) and I totally agree that I'm one of those guys that feels like he needs a wife to feel normal. I was totally in love with my wife for the 14 years we...

Dear DSO: “My friend says my wife is cheating…”

Dear DSO: “My friend says my wife is cheating…”

Dear DSO: One of my best friends went through a really bad divorce about a year and a half ago. His wife had an affair with a guy from her work (she's a nurse). Ever since then he's been talking to me about how women cheat way more than we think and most of the women...


Seven Signs That Your Wife is Cheating

Seven Signs That Your Wife is Cheating

As I outlined in "My Wife Wouldn't Do That" , there is a phenomenon of bewildered and shocked men that just CANNOT believe their wife would be capable of doing awful things like committing infidelity. Even when presented with ongoing warning signs and conclusive...

Dissecting Dead Bedrooms

Dissecting Dead Bedrooms

We all know the tried-and-true stereotype of the typical modern day marriage: Man is horny and ready to go at any time. Even though his wife is older, heavier and not nearly as bubbly and sweet as she was in the honeymoon stage of their early relationship, he still...

Why Did She “Affair Down”?

Why Did She “Affair Down”?

Many times, when a guy tells me about his wife’s affair partner, he will start rattling off reasons why the loser is the absolute opposite of what you would expect from a “typical” affair partner: 1. He has a horrible job. 2. Everyone thinks he’s a loser. 3. He lives...


Hi there, I’m the DSO (Dad Starting Over).  My story is not an unusual one. For those who just stumbled upon this site by chance and have no connection to the subject matter… it may seem a bit “out there”. Trust me… it’s common. For the rest of us, you came here for a reason: You need to hit the restart button on life and redefine what it means to be a MAN in today’s world. You need a boost up over the wall and you’re scrambling for any little nugget of wisdom that will help you climb that extra inch.

Why a restart? Well, maybe life just kicked you in the teeth. If you’re like me and thousands of other grown men… you were  told “I want a divorce”, or worse… you discovered infidelity. Your entire worldview has changed. Your head is spinning. What you thought was innocent and comfortable is now twisted and scary. Welcome to the real world, my friend. I’ve been there and done that.

My philosophies and advice are not cookie-cutter. They’re not politically correct. They’re not always nice. But.. they work. They make sense. They get results.

Want to know more about me? A great place to start is here:



THERE ARE A LOT OF MEN OUT THERE NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR SEX LIVES. What is going on? Is the tried-and-true stereotype of the undersexed husband and the cold, bossy wife inevitable? Are monogamous relationships doomed to such a pitiful state? Is that just the way marriage is?


To make a long story short, several years ago I was married for 15 years, discovered infidelity, quickly divorced and found myself newly single and sharing custody of three little kids. I then started a website at www.dadstartingover.com. After chatting with many men in my situation , I slowly started to notice patterns of behavior. Most men experienced long “Dead Bedroom” periods in their relationship prior to their divorce. Many of these men later discovered infidelity.I wrote about my thoughts on Dead Bedrooms on my website and it is by far the most popular topic to date. It has outranked all other topics combined. Then I started a podcast and recorded a few episodes. The Dead Bedrooms episode was the most downloaded.Simply put, nobody seems to know what to do to keep the fire going in their longterm relationship. Most of us experience a “honeymoon phase” of intimacy, and then watch it quickly fade as the stress of life and the boredom of familiarity settle in.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I don’t claim to have all the answers for a happy married sex life. What I do know is that my own experience and the experience of hundreds of other men have helped to create a prescription for what I feel is the only true, honest, no bullshit way to get your wife jumping your bones again.I have finally put that prescription down on paper, and I call it The Dead Bedroom Fix.


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