My story is not an unusual one. For those who just stumbled upon this site by chance and have no connection to the subject matter… it may seem a bit “out there”. Trust me… it’s common, unfortunately. Insanely common. I won’t go my own personal details here, but you can READ MY STORY HERE.

You probably came to this site for one reason: You need to hit the restart button on life and redefine what it means to be a MAN in today’s world. You need a boost up over the wall and you’re scrambling for any little nugget of wisdom that will help you climb that extra inch.

Why a restart? Well, maybe life just kicked you in the teeth. If you’re like me and thousands of other grown men… you were  told “I want a divorce”, or worse… you discovered infidelity. Your entire worldview has changed. Your head is spinning. What you thought was innocent and comfortable is now twisted and scary. Welcome to the real world, my friend. I’ve been there and done that.


man on mountainI’m a dad… starting over. And it’s awesome.

I love hearing from visitors who have also been there and done that, and those looking for some help.  Feel free to shoot me a message. I read every email I get and I do respond as time allows.


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