A LOT of men just aren’t happy with their married sex life. Some men endured a long and painful dead bedroom marriage, only to divorce… and they vow never to do that again.

I wrote the Dead Bedroom Fix so that men, once and for all, can get the answers they need for WHY their marriage (and everybody else’s marriage) seems to be so dull and passionless.

This E-book has proven to be wildly popular with my readers. A new audiobook version has just been released! Print version coming soon!

Most men visiting my site have endured the awfulness of their wife saying “I love you… but I’m not IN LOVE with you”, or worse… they discovered their wife’s love affair with some loser.

Most men want answers. None of this makes a bit of sense. They played by the rules and they did everything right, and they are beingĀ  disguarded like trash.

I wrote “NOW WHAT?” to get to the bottom of this phenomenon and give men advice on how to pick up the pieces and move on in life.


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