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Are You a Man Starting Over in Life?

Still married but want to hit the restart button on your relationship? Divorced and don’t want to make all the same mistakes again? Feeling lost and not sure where to turn?

In this website you’ll find hundreds of articles, podcast episodes, and access to DSO’s three books. Be sure and check out the DSO Fraternity and join hundreds of men all over the world just like you.

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Dead Bedroom Fix
Now What?
Now What?


The “Grey Rock” Method

The “Grey Rock” Method

Here’s a scenario that may be familiar to many of you. After years of dealing with a toxic marriage to a person who obviously had zero interest in playing the part of “wife”, a man decides to file for divorce. After the requisite waiting period and filing, the couple...

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Dear DSO: My Wife Had An Emotional Affair. I’m Confused.

Dear DSO: My Wife Had An Emotional Affair. I’m Confused.

Dear DSO, I caught my wife messaging another man.  They flirted and talked about sex quite a bit, but he eventually grew tired of her and cut all contact. She has been pursuing him non-stop for weeks. I found out about the emotional affair because she was acting...

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Hi there, I’m the DSO (Dad Starting Over). I’m the founder of this website and author of the books many of you have read.  My story is not an unusual one. For those who just stumbled upon this site by chance and have no connection to the subject matter… it may seem a bit “out there”. Trust me… it’s common. For the rest of us, you came here for a reason: You need to hit the restart button on life and redefine what it means to be a MAN in today’s world. You need a boost up over the wall and you’re scrambling for any little nugget of wisdom that will help you climb that extra inch.

Why a restart? Well, maybe life just kicked you in the teeth. If you’re like me and millions of other grown men all over the world… you were  told “I want a divorce”, or worse… you discovered infidelity. Your entire worldview has changed. Your head is spinning. What you thought was innocent and comfortable is now twisted and scary. Welcome to the real world, my friend. I’ve been there and done that.

My philosophies and advice are not cookie-cutter. They’re not politically correct. They’re not always nice. But.. they work. They make sense. They get results.

Want to know more about me? A great place to start is here: