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Dating Horror Stories  

Dad Starting Over
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I went through a relatively brief period of dating before meeting wife #2. In that time I got to meet all kinds of women from all different backgrounds. The one that sticks out as the big "holy crap, this is completely insane" moment was the gal we will call "L".

I knew L already... because she worked with my ex-wife. Yep, I didn't go far for this one. She contacted me on Facebook to ask how I was doing. Everyone knew about the ex's whorish ways and she was concerned.  In the past, L and I would innocently chat and flirt at company gatherings, but never anything beyond that. She had a serious boyfriend at the time. We'll call him "T".

When she contacted me, it had been about a year since I had last seen her. One thing led to another.. and we were texting non-stop. Few days after that, our first date was set. It was pretty sexual from day 1.

We go on the date and she drops a bombshell on me: She was once married. This gal was only in her mid 20's. "Whoa... no way! What happened?" She goes on to tell me all about how they grew apart, he didn't act like he liked her anymore... blah blah... so she divorced him. "Oh man. Sorry to hear that. Is that what happened with T? Just grew apart?" 

Then she drops bomb number 2: "Oh no... T and I are still together. We live together."

You have to be shitting me. This gal knows what I've been through. She knows what I think about cheaters... and she just casually drops this on me now. On our date. After sexting me for three days straight. I'm officially the "other man". I was not happy.

"So... why are we here then??"

She just smiles and acts all flirty. "You're kind of addictive." 

Soon after that I told her in a long text message that I was too good of a person to carry on with this... fling... and she owes it to her man to tell him that she's not happy in their relationship and not drop the bomb on him fifteen years and three kids later. She says, "You're right. You know... you're a really good guy. I'm sorry. :-("

I'm a good guy. I'd heard that before. Many times.

That chapter was quickly over. It stung. She was another one of those smart professional women that all seemed to be attracted to me. At least this one gave me an ego boost by picking me as the "fun"guy  over her "nice" live-in boyfriend. But still... wow. Are they ALL like this?

Fast forward a year or so. She and T get married. Facebook would lead you to believe that they are one sweet and adoring couple. Everyone posts about how "lucky" of a guy he is to have a girl that pretty. It's disgusting.

Fast forward a few years after that, and I'm chatting with a buddy that owns the gym I attend. We get to talking about my ex, her workplace and all the drama that the company seems to generate. "You know L? She was caught fucking three guys from my other gym." Jesus.

Me: "Wow. Does T know?"

Friend: "Yeah... but you've seen him. What's he gonna do?"

Posted : 31/07/2018 1:37 am


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