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05/08/2018 9:01 pm  

My wife and I were best friends for years. We met in middle school (12 years old) and started dating our senior year of high school. We went to college together. She went into nursing and I did computer programming. We got married right after we graduated. We both got jobs right away in town so we didn't even have to move. We were the happiest couple. All of our friends said this about us all the time.

She got pregnant and then had a miscarriage after five months. After that, she changed. The doctors said it was hormonal and perfectly normal to be depressed and to give her time. About a year went by where she didn't kiss me or touch me in any way. I was basically watching porn every day for a while just so I wouldn't go crazy. I definitely became addicted (I read your article and it was exactly right).

She didn't like me watching porn and would scream and throw things if she found out I was watching it. So I just did a better job of hiding it. If I asked for sex or tried to touch her she would act like I was a monster. 

I got on her iPad one night and saw her text messages on there so I started reading. I guess she forgot she was on there because she left messages on there that she was sending to two different guys. I told her what I saw and she cried and said she wanted to go to therapy together. That didn't do anything. I was done. She wanted to stay married but I couldn't live with her anymore. She told me nothing ever happened and it was just texting. I believed her but I still couldn't deal with it.

We got divorced. A friend of hers told me that it was a full-blown affair with one of the guys she was texting. The other guy was from years ago. She had been having affairs and screwing around since college. 

I'll never marry or trust another woman again. I don't know how guys do it after going through something like this. It's a fucking nightmare.

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