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Starting over  


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01/08/2018 2:35 am  

24 years, over half of my life. I still love her.  But I know it's over. I tried, I forgave, I did everything I could.  But she wouldn't have it. Now I'm trying to start over. My kids are adults.  One still lives with me. Two sons I have and five little dogs. Accepting what has happened  has been a real trial. As I said earlier, I forgave. The end began with infidelity.  I wanted desperately to make things work. But it only works if both people love each other.  Hard truth to swallow. After half your life is spent with someone. We used to say to each other "Thick and thin, sick and sin."

The best I have been able to do as far as starting over. Going to therapy and not killing my self. Lol! My story like many others is probably not unique to this group. But I joined to try and heal. Anything to heal. I'm in. 

Dad Starting Over
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01/08/2018 1:55 pm  

You're a good dude, JLGriffin. You care. That's not a fault or a negative by any means.

Take that good nature and point it right at yourself. You're a man in your mid-40's? Holy shit... your whole life is ahead of you. The world is your oyster, my friend. Realize that it's been you and only you the whole time. You're a dude. You walk alone in this world and that's a very powerful thing. Make what you will out of your time on this planet. Don't let one horribly negative moment define you. Don't let it wipe out all the positive before and after. Don't give her or anyone that fucking power. Ever.

The wife wasn't yours... it was just your turn. She was one of THOSE women. We've all fallen for them. You might do it again. Oh well. You're strong. You're a man. Life goes on.

Look back on the good times and smile and laugh. The chapter is over and a whooooole bunch of the book is left. Guys in your shoes don't realize how good they have it. Once it CLICKS, you kinda wake up and say "Whoa... this is pretty  awesome, actually." You get in better shape. Your income goes up. There's a 20 something year old in your bed. Your kids are happy. Then you look back on your life over the past couple of years and say "Who the hell was THAT guy??"

Stay in touch, my man. We want to hear all about your adventures.

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27/08/2018 3:04 am  

He's right. It gets better.



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