Ever wonder what you are here for?  What your path and purpose is in this life? I live by one phrase: full tilt, full time.  I’m not here to idlily sit by and let life happen.  I know exactly what I want out of situations and put the requisite amount of effort in to get exactly what I want.  I will help you do the exact same thing. 

I didn’t come out of the womb this way.  I developed over a career in the United States Army spanning two decades.  I’ve been through countless very extreme situations in and out of combat that has given me the perspective I have on life.  I’ve successfully provided counsel thousands of Soldiers on a myriad of issues to including marriage, substance abuse, path and purpose, performance, financial issues, and a host of other things.  What I learned is there is “nothing new under the sun”.  In other words, very few problems are truly unique.  There are actionable solutions out there for everyone.

I have a combined 4 years as a combat leadership and tactics instructor in which I prepared both Soldiers and Officers for the hardships of combat and life. I’m an entrepreneur and have built and operated several successful side ventures mainly revolving around the firearms industry.  I’m the type of guy who looks to up my value in some way every single day.

I’ve been married for 13 years and I have three school aged children.  I found DSO one early morning on the internet as I was looking to improve my marriage.  My situation was easily corrected with a few tweaks from me and now it is better than it ever has been.  I took a very active role in the Dead Bedrooms private Facebook page and realized that I could connect with a lot of men that needed help fixing their own marriages.

What can you expect when I work with you:

  1. I’m an active listener – I will listen, digest and ask questions. At times I’m going to show you the mirror and force you to be critical of yourself.

  2. Sound Counsel – Expect full candor from me. I’m going to tell you the ugly truth and we are going to develop a plan of action together to get you where you want to be.

  3. Homework – Every session you will leave with something to do until over x days/weeks. You have to keep moving or else you will stagnate. I help you do the RIGHT thing at the right time.

  4. Humor– You have to find humor in the fact that life is going to take a steaming shit on your chest sometimes.  It’s okay and it happens to the best of us.  Laughing builds positivity regardless of the predicament you find yourself in. 

  5. Results through accountability and execution of our plan– I’ll hold you accountable to enact the solutions we come up with.  I don’t embrace excuses or failure to work through constraints.  I’m a man of action and I expect you to act accordingly.

NOTE: I am NOT a licensed therapist. I do NOT hold a psychology degree of any kind. I’m a problem solver and a developer of people.  I’m a guy who’s been through a lot of shitty situations and came out on top.  I’ve mentored thousands of men in the military, an experience that has made me a fantastic coach.

Interview with "Jack London" - DSO contributor, meeting host and coach... and a Dead Bedroom Fix success story.

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