“I Don’t Like The New You”
Written by: Scott G.
Man, have we heard this a bunch in the group. This shit test is a tell-tale sign of a comfortable wife. When we as men are determined to change ourselves, a comfortable wife will immediately feel threatened. “Why?” you ask? Because you are becoming a high-demand dude. All women want a masculine man to take care of them. I don’t give a shit what they say to a camera during an interview. They want a man who is strong, dominant, confident, disciplined, and in control. When you become that man, ALL women would love to have you! She knows that gentleman.

Other women will notice you and you have options should your marriage go to shit. If you have been 50 pounds overweight and dress like a slob, chances are you aren’t going to attract other women. Your wife knows that and responds in kind. She puts on 50 extra pounds and dresses like a slob. You aren’t going anywhere, so why should she take care of herself? It’s hard fucking work to look good. Do you want her to change? Lead by example gentleman.

She doesn’t want to work to keep you around. Period. Working out, watching your diet, and dressing better takes effort. If you have been an easy catch for years, she has slipped into a routine that she may never get out of. That’s her problem, not yours. Continue on your path of improvement. She will have no choice but to follow you or get left behind. That is a GOOD thing. This is called competition anxiety and it stimulates the female libido. Big time.

If you hear this statement from your wife and you have a dead bedroom, I can almost guarantee you comfort killed her libido. Pure and simple. That libido is still there, but you can’t tap into it by telling her. You have to SHOW her you are serious about change and lead her out of her funk of contentment. Lead by example gentleman. You can’t make her change, she has to WANT to change.