One Woman’s Review of The Dead Bedroom Fix

I was having a one-on-one consultation with a reader and he informed me that he had shared my book with a dear female friend of his who just went through a divorce.

“Uh oh.”

“No, she really loved it! She said it hit the nail on the head and she agreed with all of it. I’ll get her in touch with you and see if maybe she can provide a review. It might help to get the female perspective.”

Cathy and I chatted for a bit and yes, she was in a dead bedroom prior to her divorce… and yes, her husband committed all of the five mistakes. She could relate to every bit of it.

Without further ado, here is Cathy’s review of The Dead Bedrooom Fix:

“The Dead Bedroom Fix (DBF) was suggested to me by a friend who heard my story about my own dead bedroom and saw a parallel to my struggles and the books’ recommendations for men. Despite the opening introduction telling woman this book wasn’t for them, that women needed to “concentrate on making yourself look young and pretty”, “Don’t be a controlling asshole” and to “loosen up” and then kindly asking me to go away, I stubbornly refused and kept reading…and I am glad I did. This book was eye-opening and touched on the major points that lead to my failed marriage and why I walked away with no respect for the man I spent over 20 years with.

D.S.O is spot on with his advance “No sex = no relationship” and his reasons for this resonate so highly with me and other woman I have spoken to that no longer want to have sex with their husbands. Men, we have lost respect for you, for one or more of the reasons the DBF shares.

Women are sexual! We want intimacy, we want crazy sex; we want sex often and we want it to be fun, exciting and downright naughty at times. We want you, our husband, to “man up” and actually be the man! For men that have kids, we don’t want another child…and if you act like one, well guess what, you are going to be treated like one which equals = NO SEX FOR YOU!

Men take D.S.O’s advice. Get rid of your dad bod…we aren’t asking for a chiseled rip physique, just something we can look at and be proud to say yes, he’s mine! Absolutely, do chores… man up and help around the house. It’s your house too and you don’t need a pat on the head and be told ‘good job”. As D.S.O says, we’re your wife not your mom! And respect, that goes without saying. Once we have lost respect for you it’s over!

Lastly…Men are you listening? Women really do want a Lover and a Leader. Yes, we want the Provider too…a man to help put a roof over our head, food on the table, raise the kids, but we want and need the lover and leader too! We want the flirty texts, the casual touch, the sexy man that exudes confidence! We want a man to make decisions and take the lead. Men, we want to be proud of who you are. We want to be able to look at you and say “Yes, He’s mine!”

The Dead Bedroom Fix is a must read. D.S.O. hit the nail on the head of what women are looking for but can’t and probably won’t ever tell you. I highly recommend this book for any man that is either ready to throw in the proverbial towel or the man wanting to experience great sex again with his wife. Do yourself (and your marriage) a favor and get a hold of this book and read it today!”


Dead Bedroom Fix
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