How do I become a DSO Fraternity Member?

Great question!

Joining the DSO Fraterbity is easy. Simply click here to sign up.

How do I cancel my DSO Fraternity Membership?

Please email us at least one week prior to the renew date of your next month’s membership payment. Let us know you’d like to cancel and we’ll take of things on our end and confirm with you via email.

You may reach us using the email support(at)dadstartingover(dot)com

Are you missing an email or download link?

There are times when email provides will filter commercial emails (even when the user requests them). Sometimes our member registration or book download link emails will go to your Gmail ‘promotions’ tab or Hotmail junk. Please ensure to check all your folders.

If you still do not see the email you are expecting, please email support(at)dadstartingover(dot)com and we’ll make sure you get what you need.