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Couples who go through divorce know it’s difficult. Permanently separating from your spouse can disrupt your entire life. Everything is up for grabs: your address, your routine, your friends, your holidays — even your job. While divorce is hard on everyone, it’s especially tough on fathers, who often bear the brunt of the financial costs and separation from their kids. If your ex gets primary custody, for example, you’ll not only be required to pay child support, but also will be forced to adjust to a life with limited access to your children. It’s a painful situation that will require coping skills to manage.

When it comes to surviving divorce as a dad, the more prepared you are, the better. Understanding what to expect during divorce proceedings may not eliminate the difficulties, but it does prepare you to handle them. With that in mind, the attached resource provides tips on coping with the legal, financial and emotional challenges you might encounter as your marriage is dissolved. From protecting yourself during the divorce to recovering afterwards, this guide provides practical strategies for survival. If you can get good legal counsel, create a strong support network and practice appropriate self-care, you can alleviate many of the stressors that make divorce so difficult. Likewise, once your divorce is finalized, you can look forward to a better future by removing toxic influences, giving yourself time to recover and creating a new routine that will give you and your kids stability.

Learn more about the best ways to cope during and after a divorce in this guide.

Tips for coping during and after a divorce from the MLG Law Group


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