No bullsh*t life advice for young men

This is the book that every adult heterosexual male wishes he had when he was a girl-crazy young teenage boy just trying to figure out the game of life.

Do you have a teenage son? Do him a big favor and shoot him a copy of this book. You can download a mobile-friendly PDF below, or buy from any of the major book retailers (see links below). 

REAL TALK: No Bullsh*t Life Advice for Young Men

YOUNG MEN DOn't need more bullsh*t.

They Need REAL-WORLD advice from men that have "been there and done that" and have the scars to prove it.

I’ve been playing the game of life for nearly 50 years. I’ve had a lot of losses and I’ve had a lot of wins. I’ve learned a lot about this complicated and confusing game, and have dedicated my time to helping thousands of men all over the world through my books, coaching, podcast, Youtube channel, and international men’s group.

Throughout my years of helping men, I have heard more than a few hundred times, “Man, why didn’t anybody teach us this sh*t when we were kids? It sure would’ve saved me a lot of heartache, stress, and money!” This book is my attempt at putting a no bullsh*t plan together for young teenage men to follow. It’s my contention that following these guidelines will give every man, young and old, the best possible chance for getting very real wins in life. 

Scroll down to see what is inside the book, hear an audiobook sample, and see what men all over the world have to say about the book. I look forward to hearing what you think.

Ralph (DSO) – Author of “REAL TALK: No Bullsh*t Life Advice for Young Men”

What’s inside the book?


If you’re a hetero teenage boy who is more than a little crazy about females right now, not sure about your role in life, and you want to be the kind of dude who has to beat girls away with a stick, this book is for you.


I do use foul language.

I’m pretty blunt and open about the topics of puberty and sex.

Read through the book yourself.



Contrary to what everyone may be telling you, being a man is perfectly awesome. We are the protectors and risk-takers. The world needs people like us.

Chapter 1: What is puberty

What is puberty, exactly?

Puberty can be extremely awkward.

Puberty can really mess with your head.

Puberty hits girls first.

Puberty is, in fact, nature’s way of saying, “Let’s get you ready to make some babies!”

Sex is pretty complicated. Don’t rush into it.

chapter 2: how to get girls

Girls are picky.

The Dude Pyramid.

Looks matter!

Get your head right!

chapter 3: the ugly truth

“It not fair!”

She’s probably not “the one.”

It’s tough to find a girl with very few red flags.

All of this “winning at life” stuff is difficult.

Chapter 4: congrats, you're a high-value dude

Let me fill you in on the secret…

One thing at a a time.


Here are some questions I get from men, young and old, that may help you on your journey.



The age range in mind when I wrote the book: Teenage boys that are in the process of going through puberty… up to 18-year-old young men.  To be honest, there’s probably a lot of information that will be of interest to men of any age.

Yes. Your son is a young man. He’s heard worse.

I guess that depends on your definition of “graphically”. I do talk bluntly about things like puberty, sex, and pornography. Young men don’t need to be coddled and talked down to. They need to the no B.S. approach to these kind of topics.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ralph, but you may know me as “DSO”, the founder of Dad Starting Over and the DSO Fraternity. I’m 47, married for the second time, and father of four kids. I learned a lot from my failed first marriage, my wonderful second marriage,  and from the thousands of men I communicate with in coaching sessions and online in our DSO Fraternity discussion groups. This book, “REAL TALK: No Bullsh*t Life Advice for Young Men” is a culmination of the knowledge that has been passed down to me by hundreds of men over the years. 

If you are a parent, thank you for trusting me to “talk” to your son. If you are a young man looking for help, I have a feeling this book will have what you are looking for.  Please let me know what you think.

Ralph - DSO