This Post Will Get A Ton Of Clicks
Written by: DSO
When talking to guys talking about women, I hear some variation of “It’s just not fair!” again and again.

“Why do I have to do all the work to attract HER?”

“Why is it that women seem to rule online dating? Even the older/fatter women on there have strict guidelines for what guys they will talk to. They are probably chatting with 100 different guys. I can’t get one woman to respond to me. What the hell?!”

“My wife and I tried an open marriage. She had three dates in the first week. I drunkenly kissed some old woman at a party once.”

Guys, let’s face facts. There’s A LOT that isn’t fair about this whole mating/sex/attraction game. It is what it is. Women, in many ways, rule the game. They set the rules… then they change the rules on a whim. They’re very horny early in the relationship.. and then two kids later they say “I just don’t think about sex ever”. They “just don’t like muscle guys”, but then they drool over “The Rock” when they see him on TV. They don’t ever want to do THAT in bed, but then they find a new boyfriend and do everything under the sun with him. They decide what is and what isn’t attractive in the given moment… and we sit with our head spinning saying, “I don’t get it. This makes no sense. Why does she set the rules? Who does she think she is?!”

She’s a woman. Men fight each other over them. We go to war over them. Men build careers to keep them around. Men gladly hand over money just to keep a woman in their presence. Boys do homework for girls. Men text with them for hours just for the slight chance that she might one day sleep with them. Men take on a brood of step-kids and an admittedly mentally ill woman because… hey… she’s really great in bed and “Dude, did you see her ass?!”

This is a fact: By using the photo of the ample-bosomed woman for this post, it will probably get more clicks than the last 10 posts combined. Seriously. Why? Because boobs. That’s it. Boobies. That’s all it takes. I could write the most eloquent prose known to man. I could have the next great American novel posted elsewhere.. but it would be no match for the tatas.

Hey… that may not be fair. It may be “pathetic”… but it’s reality.

Don’t get mad. Learn the rules. Accept it for what it is. Do you want to be the guy that could get laid tomorrow? Sit back and watch the mating game for what it really is. Don’t get mad that the rules seem to change on a whim (they don’t). Don’t get angry that your wife doesn’t seem to want to touch you ever… but she had to change the batteries in her vibrator three times this month. Don’t be mad that the woman you “rank” a 5 out of 10 in the looks department said, “Ew, no way. You’re old” when you said hello to her online.

You either roll with the punches, learn the “Game” for what it is…. or you can sulk and stay away from women forever. My guess is you won’t last long in the “I’m done with women” camp. Most of us don’t.

Since you made it this far (because of the boobs), check out my book that talks about all of the above and what you can do about it. It’s called “The Dead Bedroom Fix”. I think you’ll like it.

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